Liver Health Screening

Fatty Liver Disease is the most common liver disorder in the United States affecting approximately 40% of our population.  Risk factors include obesity (BMI>30), diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  These conditions together comprise the Metabolic Syndrome.  20% of those with Fatty Liver Disease will have an associated inflammatory response in the liver known as NASH (Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis).  This process can lead to scaring in the liver called Fibrosis.  As fibrosis advances it can lead to cirrhosis, an irreversible and life threatening condition that often progresses to liver failure.

Until recently, fatty liver disease has been difficult to assess and stage short of having an invasive liver biopsy.  A new technology known as Elastography has augmented our clinical approach.  The FibroScan device is a non-invasive elastography instrument that quantitatively measures both the degree of fat accumulation in the liver as well as the level of associated fibrosis.

We recommend and offer FibroScan for all of our patients at risk for Fatty Liver Disease.  The procedure takes a few minutes and is performed in our office.  Your physician can provide additional information to you during your office visit.